Friday, November 20, 2009

Incompetent HP Laptop Support

Not the people, the whole system.  I think they would prefer to have a dissatisfied customer return a laptop rather than giving access to people who can actually solve the problem.

The built-in TV tuner in my brand-new HP dv7t-2200 laptop is not working, and I have now spent over 12 hours of my time (and HP's time) on the phone with HP's response center agents.  As far as I know, we are no closer to a solution.

The Good:  (1) I have had no trouble reaching an agent on the telephone (now seven different agents); and (2) Every one of the HP agents, except the last one, has been polite and has tried hard to fix the problem.

The Bad:  Except for one, every agent has been clueless.  I'm very certain that none have ever seen a TV tuner like mine - one guy asked if I had plugged in the tuner card.  It's built in, and they should know it!

The Ugly:  HP's system simply does not allow for any continuity.  You cannot call anyone back - you always start all over.  They do have a record of what has been done before, but they only half believe it, so they want to repeat everything.  I had a good thing going once with Jason in the USA, who was on a good track and promised a callback and an email.  No email, ever.  There was a call, which I unfortunately missed, and they said they would call again, but they never did.  Most of the agents who say they will call back do not do so.  It's impossible to get anywhere, gain any traction.  As far as I know, there is no way to escalate a problem.  HP just doesn't care about one laptop - they deal in hundreds and thousands of them.

I managed to reach "Second Level" support today, but was informed by Adrian (in India) that I was only on warranty support and had not paid enough money to talk to him!  This despite the fact that I have purchased a 2-year support contract.

The system is totally incompetent.

I have about 12 days yet to send the damn thing back to HP for a full refund.  I don't want to do it, but it's looming larger every day.

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