Saturday, February 2, 2008

PCPhoneHome Does Not Call Back

Update 2009 Sep 28: Do It Yourself PC Phone Home

Update: I left three separate tech service requests with Brigadoon Software, the makers of PCPhoneHome, two by email and one by telephone. The most-recent of those, the phone call, was five days ago and the oldest was more than a week ago. I have received no response yet.

It's my current opinion that PCPhoneHome is an orphan - nobody home at Brigadoon Software. So what if my PC was stolen and it did phone home? I seriously doubt I would get any help tracing it. Apparently it's still possible to order the product, but I won't!

Now the problem is that it's still phoning home, from my home, every day at least twice. Brigadoon's documentation implies that it is nearly impossible to uninstall it without their help, and they don't call back. Since PCPhoneHome puts other "hooks" into the operating system, I think I will try to uninstall it anyway before the trial period expires.


Don said...

As of Feb 15, no response of any kind from Brigadoon Software.

Don said...

As of July 5, 2008, I still have not received a response. They're still peddling their software, but I personally wouldn't expect any help from them if my computer was stolen.

david said...

DANG I hope this is not true as far as tracking software is concerned. I too have loaded (so far with out issues) on a Vista Laptop, it was marketed with CSI insurance for college students. If it works based on what you describe then there is no way I am going to get that laptop back. I have been trying to get someone from tech support to contact me about the numerous emails this laptop sends each day, Now that I know it works everything its connects to the internet it explains why I receive so many, each time my kid turns it on I get a email.

I have left 5 voice mails and 10 emails with no response from Brigadoon Software.

CSI insurance is now attempting to contact them, at least they answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from Brigadoon Software??

Don said...

Not me :-(

Don said...

Still not.

Don said...

I posted a do-it-yourself PC Phone Home here